Stem the flow

10 Barrier systems

10 Barges
10 360 dredgers

10 Tugs

10 Hook lift-lorries

10 Picking lines
10 Fork lifts

10 Granulators

10 Balers

10 Biomass Pellet machines

10 Shredders

60 RoRo Bins

10 Tool stocks

10 Toilet blocks

10 Office/cabins

25 staff = 250 new jobs

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Originally, I used my knowledge, skills and 30 years of waste management and handling experiences (good and bad) to develop a solution for the ever growing Ocean & Beach waste problem. I found a way to operate at a profit and that became my goal (£Millions) however, as I started to understand the oceans and the marine life in it, this has became a passion. 

if you want to know more of who we are; 

if you want to know who I am;   or

if you are Coca Cola, McDonald's,Philip Morris or any other company or organisation that wants to donate over £5 use;

if you are an individual who wants to send 10P or more use;

I will commit to borrowing the £15M

if you all help me raise the £7M by committing to my commitment.

£22M - target

​We are NOT holding these companies wholly responsible for the waste left in our World's Ocean's,

What we are saying is; these companies, and a lot of others like them, have helped make millions in profits by reducing manufacturing costs, reducing transport costs, increasing profit margins with the transition from glass to plastic or paper bags to plastic bags etc...

Some of them have "own branded" goods or advertise, promote and sell goods manufactured by other companies.

Along with such profit margins sales have massively increased due to promotional packaging that uses polystyrene to "pack out" packages to look bigger and more value for your money.

We all know that one !

Open a massive box of Lego to find a handful of bricks, watch the kids rip open a new train-set on Christmas day to find more polystyrene than track. Get the doll out of the massive box to find she has been standing on polystyrene.

Open that big bag of crisps to find not even 1 potato worth of crisps (potato chips if you are American)

Plastic bottles of pop that look like the old glass ones (wink wink Coca cola).

The list goes on and on..........

Even my new mobile phone box looked like the size of the original motarola.

Well as I say, its not a witch hunt, its an appeal for help, help to protect our marine life and go out and pick up this rubbish left over from your massive sales figures and targets.

As you would "Sweep" the front of your stores help us collect up the rubbish left behind from your executive corporate decades long money making target chasing profit increasing burger eating pop drinking finger licking good parties. - please.

its not a witch hunt.......

Ocean Resource Management



Waste separation system

Picking line

Biomass pellet plant
Granulation plant


Pyrolysis plant

Accommodation cabins


Cranes/lifting equip

Landing craft

Shore Party

360 excavator


Land Rover

Dump Truck



Data centre

Dive operations