Help us buy the tags to give away

Ocean Resource Management have a plan to start a GPS Tagging campaign in an attempt to establish the magnitude of the problem whilst developing an extraction process.

Some times it just isn't practical or easy to extract a Ghost Net should you come across one.

So we will be starting a campaign to give away 1,000,000 water proof GPS Tags that sailors, fishermen, divers, crew, any ocean users who are will to activate and attach a tag for us.

( Commercial fishing vessels will be asked to attach tags in the future should they have to cut a net free ).

If you want to help tagging add your details to our list below and any details;

ie; who you are and where you are.

 the Falls of Clyde

the Falls is the last surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full-rigged ship, and the only remaining sail-driven oil tanker. However, she could play a very important role in reducing costs when collecting "Ghost Nets" ? If we can get our plans launched for fellow ocean users (fishermen, sailors, divers, crew) to activate and attach $2 GPS tags to floating nets, we can start to monitor the situation, should fishing vessels attach a tag before cutting a net free, we are closer to solving a problem..... Saving The Falls could be the answer I have been looking for..

"Ghost Nets"

I want my money to go to:

Ocean Resource Management