Picking Line
3 shifts of 6 (18) 
Line pickers

Jobs at sea

Now the waste is on-board the processing starts.......
From the drying dock the waste starts the separation process by being guided up the conveyor belt to the auto separation plant and Manual Picking line 2 x 3 shifts (9) Loaders

Fork truck licensed 2 x 3 shifts (6)

Shedding and Baling Bay
3 shifts of 4 (12)
Surplus bay hands

Ocean Resource Management 

Trying to work out the running and maintaining of the ship is easy compared to the running of the operations on board, added to the 3 shifts of processing staff, we also have to have the beach “clean up crew” and marine life support  & rescue......... The list just keeps growing

Each job vacancy has a link to follow  (NOT LIVE YET )

Pyrolysis Plant
Load and off loaders - 3 shifts of 3 (9)
​Pyrolysis operatives

Waste Extraction
​First the waste has to be extracted directly out of the Ocean, either in single lifts (for large items or netted loads). Two 30 ton cranes. Directed by radio/video link.
Crane Operators (4)

Bio-Mass pellet plant
Although automated 3 shifts of 3 (9)
Biomass operations

Beach Party

(7) + 1 ​Supervisor
3CX Driver
13 Ton Excavator
8 ton Dumper truck driver
4 Beach Pickers/loaders

Granulation Plant
3 shifts of 3 (9)

Waste Extraction support unit.
Working from the support boat.
Pilot (X2)
Spotters (X2)
Divers (X6)

(auto links with waste extraction) +
Film Crew x2
Support x2
Search and Rescue x2  (plus 2 of the above)

3 X Shift Managers (3)
3 X First Aid
3 X Fitters

2 Fire Officers

Pump Room
2 x 3 shifts (6)
Water Treatment op's

Deck Crew (waste operations)
​Crane assistance, un-hooking radio link guidance
​Crane support (X6)