Ocean Resource Management 

Bio-Mass pellet plant
Although automated 3 shifts of 3 (9)
Biomass operations

Waste Extraction support unit.
Working from the support boat.
Pilot (X2)
Spotters (X2)
Divers (X6)

Beach Party

(7) + 1 ​Supervisor
3CX Driver
13 Ton Excavator
8 ton Dumper truck driver
4 Beach Pickers/loaders

Pyrolysis Plant
Load and off loaders - 3 shifts of 3 (9)
​Pyrolysis operatives

Fork truck licensed 2 x 3 shifts (6)

Deck Crew (waste operations)
​Crane assistance, un-hooking radio link guidance
​Crane support (X6)

Granulation Plant
3 shifts of 3 (9)

(auto links with waste extraction) +
Film Crew x2
Support x2
Search and Rescue x2  (plus 2 of the above)

Waste Extraction
​First the waste has to be extracted directly out of the Ocean, either in single lifts (for large items or netted loads). Two 30 ton cranes. Directed by radio/video link.
Crane Operators (4)

Shedding and Baling Bay
3 shifts of 4 (12)
Surplus bay hands

Picking Line
3 shifts of 6 (18) 
Line pickers

Jobs at sea

Trying to work out the running and maintaining of the ship is easy compared to the running of the operations on board, added to the 3 shifts of processing staff, we also have to have the beach “clean up crew” and marine life support  & rescue......... The list just keeps growing

Each job vacancy has a link to follow  (NOT LIVE YET )

Pump Room
2 x 3 shifts (6)
Water Treatment op's

3 X Shift Managers (3)
3 X First Aid
3 X Fitters

2 Fire Officers

Now the waste is on-board the processing starts.......
From the drying dock the waste starts the separation process by being guided up the conveyor belt to the auto separation plant and Manual Picking line 2 x 3 shifts (9) Loaders