Thermo Plastic Injection moulding..

Why not? We are granulating various extracted ocean waste plastic's which are then granulated for Thermo Plastic Injection moulding 

On Board system can produce various items.....

 Waste separation;
The first operation will be to bring the “waste” on-board via crane hoist and conveyor..
This will be directed via radio video link by the “ground crew” in the support boats.
( This way ensures the safety of wildlife that may be tangled up, plus any items that may be of danger to our vessel and crew ).

Larger items such as whole containers can be lifted on singularly, whilst “netted “loads will be brought on deck. From here the separation starts.
Either manually or via our completely automated system the various items will be separated into groups ready for processing.
Plastics/rubbers Tyres Fiberglass/composites Wood/foliage Metals Netting/rope Paper/cardboard Combined items for stripping – (manual)
Cloth, carpet, materials (cotton, nylon, polyesters)

Biomass Fuel Pellet plant’

A complete biomass pellet processing plant will be designed manufactured and installed on-board the ship. Plants, Trees, foliage, wooden crates, pallets, lost timber cargo - anything wooden goes directly to the biomass pellet plant for processing into biomass fuel. Stored on board ready for sale. 

Pyrolysis Plant

A whole plant constructed and installed on-board.
Through a process called pyrolysis - tyres, rubber and various plastics will be processed back into oil, this can also be further distilled into diesel that can be used in the ship or stowed in tanks for re-sale.

Granulating Plant

After separation in the waste processing operation, the various plastics will be stored ready for bulk processing. The plant granulates two tons per hour so a feed stock of a particular “type” needs to be gathered and stowed.​

On board processing equipment, MED Lab, Research, clinic  and engineering !


NEW bottle tops, out of Old ocean waste ?

Research, data capture, on board analysis, study and educate................

An operational facility to assist any organisation with research “at source”

Biological, hazardous, poisonous, pollutants, the list goes on, but vital data can be captured and detailed, and if needs be, contained or treated.

The facility will also be open for other organisations to use, visit and share.

Plus, where else Mid Atlantic could you pull a Mc Donalds straw out of a turtle

or monitor and treat a captured bird or seal ! 

Should you want something made...let us know !

The on board ORM Research/MED lab

Water filtration plant
Whilst bringing materials on-board surplus sea water will also be brought on.
Before this is released and pumped off the ship it will be first filtered ensuring any contaminants have been removed.

The out board attachment units could help with spillages in times of disaster.

Where marine life is threaten, processing operation could be halted, and the ship can be used.  (

Anything filtered out will be stowed and brought back ashore for disposal, that’s only if we cannot process it on board?

Ocean Resource Management


repairs and maintenance

Over it, under it and in it !

What started off as a hammer and a Snap-on tools kits has advanced slightly to a fully operational workshop and maintenance operation.

As well as the ships general maintenance we will have installed various pieces of equipment that will bring problems themselves.

With cutting, shredding, grinding and granulating equipment you have “ware” parts that need replacing.  Each time we dock to off load Oil, Pellets and Granules, these parts can be overhauled whilst we re-stock, however, should they break whilst at sea, we needed a solution.

Each chosen manufacturer is aware of our venture and is preparing a “recommended” spare parts list plus additional wear parts list

Added to this the “shore party” equipment needs maintaining and possibly repairing – for a big digger you need a big garage, good job we have the space, a fully operational engineering bay and a spares department to match !

Technicians such as welders, plumbers and electricians will assist in the day to day operations maintaining the equipment and the ship.

Our own "Spondulix" ash tray (if anyone buys one) !!