With our own landing craft we can deploy heavy equipment on to the beaches with the necessary personnel to look for marine life whilst we ship the waste back on board for processing.

For a successful operation the waste will have to be extracted, stowed then whilst drying the waste would be separated and sent off, via conveyor, to individual "departments" for processing.

Ocean & "Beach" waste ?

The pop bottle ! same concept, why transport millions that would fill a ships hold when they to can be processed on board, lids granulated bottles through pyrolysis back into crude oil. With the advances in pyrolysis plants many plastic items can be processed.

Let us take a plastic pop bottle crate as an example; 500mm X 350mm X 400mm

 (as shown on The Ocean Clean Up video)

To extract a 1000 of these out of the ocean and ship them to shore would be expensive, they would then have to be off loaded, transported to a storage facility, stored again before being transported for processing - Agreed ?

Our proposal would be to extract such crates and process them on board in to granulated plastic, this reduces the item in size and converts it in to a salable commodity - Granulated plastic.

Ocean Resource Managements plan is for the £5M conversion of a bulk storage vessel in to a complete Ocean & Beach waste processing vessel with estimated figures of 1500 tons per week extracted and processed

The facilities on board are added to with a "State of the art" research facility that also doubles as "med lab" for any entangled or wounded marine and bird life we may come across. Data capture will play a vital role when reporting back research results.

Ocean Resource Management 

I want my money to go to:

Brand waste monitoring !

An ocean of floating wood, but why both dragging a 5 ton tree to shore when it could be processed in to biomass fuel pellets whilst at sea ? Any "Green waste" wood, sea weed, biomass, some cloth and materials etc can all be pellatized.

When looking at the problem of ocean waste it didn't take us long, at all, to establish the way forward.

Firstly, do not look at the scale of the problem, let us look at individual pieces of waste.......

The Processing Vessel