Ocean Resource Management

Buckets and spades on the beach has a whole different meaning for us !

Rapid response, if needed in times of disaster, or just working in areas where either individuals, Governments or organisations need our help.

It’s beneficial for the planet and oceans if the factory vessel is in the area cleaning up...... 

The landing crew can move people and equipment on to the beach and remove the rubbish back to the ship for processing. 

beach services.........

​Once we have been ashore to have a look at what needs doing we can then transfer the heavy equipment on to the beach to start the clear up.

Constantly monitoring and checking for marine, birds and wild life, the beach crew can start gathering the waste together.

The waste is then transported back to the ship for processing.

Ground crews compile data to help organisations around the world in identifying the source and the amounts from any one company.

Everyone blames everyone else, but we are not getting involved in a "witch hunt" but in saying that our data and findings will be made public !

It really is surprising what can be cleared in a day when you have the correct equipment and crew at hand.

Private Companies. Individuals and Governments get the use of our facility and can call upon us if we are in the area.

When disasters hit, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes;

ORM can be at hand to help tidy up and rescue !