Ocean Resource Management

Just 10 major rivers have been identified as the source for 90% of ocean waste,  this flow needs to be stemmed and quickly ! ORM have the plan.

The Answer

A complete “Floating Factory” ship that starts the process of cleaning up our oceans by extracting these materials out of the ocean bring them on-board for sorting and separating whilst being processed.

Shredding, cutting, bailing, pumping, decontaminating ALL, processing this mass into specific groups, and put back to use.

Granulated plastic has a resale price.
Plastic packaging converted back to oil.
Paper and cardboard.
Ferrous and nonferrous metals.
Wood along with rotten food stocks can be pelletized for fuel, along with any other floating biomass products.........

Around the world companies have developed and manufactured machinery for processing just about any “type of waste” back into a raw material form ready for reuse in manufacturing. These materials are just floating off our coasts and we are going after it............

A billion Yen in granulated plastic

A billion in sterling from metals

A billion Dollars of biomass fuel pellets 

A billion Dirham in distilled oil 

mother natures help

Waste to Energy

As with most catastrophes that happen in the world, man-made or not, “Mother Nature” finds a way.........

The awful mess left after the tragic 9-11 episode, humans pulled together and that huge pile of debris was soon cleared, earthquakes that devastate countries and wars that bomb vast areas are soon rebuilt. If we took a look at the tsunami, thousands of people, homes and businesses all wiped out in a matter of hours, but by pulling together these huge areas are soon cleared and life starts again.
Now with Mother Nature growing back new forests after fires or earthquakes and volcanoes destroying areas, Mother Nature finds her way to help.
“if” we were to look at the awful mess left in our world’s oceans, again we can see how Mother Nature has helped us, but as she cannot talk, we have missed the important facts and focused on the current dilemma, but if we look through different eyes we can see exactly how mother nature has helped, “we just haven’t acted”
Mother Nature has cleaned the world’s oceans, separated waste types, washed and cleaned what’s left and stored it all for “us” humans to collect  – unfortunately we have, and are, leaving it a bit late. But we can catch up.

For years and years Mother Nature has already been working on the difficult part of recycling abandoned waste, (current problems 1 & 2) the Collection and separation process.

Now as I see it, valuable raw materials are currently floating around just waiting to be collected. As I explain in the package, it is the cost of transportation, however, if we process the materials at source (on the ship) we have reduced (current problem 3), transportation costs.

Collection and separation process.

The situation on land is dependent on humans and that is where the majority of the current problem starts. Mixed waste is thrown in bins or skips and expensive transport collects and deposits the waste, hopefully, for recycling. 

The waste is collected, tipped and stored in an expensive and licensed premises ready for the first stage of separation. This would be removing heavy from light. Soils, Rocks and large objects, leaving a “waste stream” this is then further processed by separating various commodities – plastics, paper/card, food waste, green waste, and so on.... This is then stored ready for transport again either lorry or conveyor to the next stage of processing, again in expensive factories – the problem with this expensive exercise is the end result of a few plastic bottles and some other dirty recyclable materials that again have to be stored, transported and then processed through a machine stored and transported – this is and has all proven to be not economically viable, however, the opportunity is now available and viable to process the already collected, separated and stored for free “waste” - all thanks to Mother Nature ! 

Lots of organisations, companies and groups express concern and carry out vital studies, research and fact finding missions to document and to assess this problem and further developed schemes and ways to control the waste, stop the ongoing waste entering the ocean system and developed local projects for collecting waste from coast lines around the world. 

ORM are taking a factory ship to collect the waste and process it on board.......

Hands on approach

ORM's got the answerS..........

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