Ocean Resource Management 

10 Year commitment.....

The initial expedition to survey each estuary will start the data capture.

From here on every time we visit to extract the waste detailed records will be updated. Not just on estuary widths, depths and conditions (sediment/water sampling) but the wildlife and bird life along with any other inhabitant's.

Whilst the crew work on the waste issue the zodiac will take our professionals to existing reference points for updates along with seeking new and exciting discoveries.

The overall research should also help with monitoring the single use plastic initiatives along with an early warning system for any Climate Change issues  !

Make use of our "hop on hop off" facility and join us for research in your area


Stop all UK waste entering the Ocean via 155 estuaries....... 

A simply barrier system will stem and hold the waste.

The coastline waste patrol processing vessel will turn up, extract the waste and process it on board, then off to the next !

155 Barriers = 155 days,

So on route we can help with YOUR beach clean ups. Keep an eye out on the calendar and as we are passing make use of our equipment?

"We can land on the beach" !