As Chairman of Ocean Resource Management I have attached a brief of our 4 point plan to combat the ever growing problem of ocean waste.

Here is the basic 4 point plan towards saving our oceans

1/ A short expedition on the 10 major rivers that have been identified as contributing 90% of the estimated 8M tons that enter every year. (10 rivers, 10 researchers, 10 weeks) £200,000

2/ Following the research results from the 10 week expedition our plan is to stem the 8M ton flow by developing the barrier and processing operation plants at each river mouth Budget requirements of £1.5M per river totalling £15M

3/ Requires a £5M budget for the purchase and conversion of a bulk storage vessel into a complete Ocean & Beach waste processing facility that converts waste into fuel. Plastics to crude oil, "green waste" to biomass fuel pellets. The ship could extract and process 1500 tons per week - at a profit of £2500 per hour operating 24/7 equates to over £1M per month.

4/ "Ghost Nets" with the assistance of fellow ocean users we plan to GPS Tag nets whilst developing an extraction and processing operation, however, with the nets being tagged we can start to establish the magnitude of the problem. 
Our objective here is to "give away" 1,000,000  $2 waterproof tags to fishermen, sailors, divers and crew etc.

The whole project costs have a budget requirement of £22M (so we need your help to make it happen)

The Chairman

Tagging Ghost nets?
Launching the ship
Project 10 (the rivers)

or everything  ?

What floats your boat........ ?

Ocean Resource Management 

We also have a " GoFundMe " campaign

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